How To Rank YouTube Video (Youtuber) ?

All people ask this question and search to the answer How To Rank YouTube Video ?

this article you will find the best point u need to focus on it.
How To Rank YouTube Video

You should Improve This Points In Your Video. Before & After Video Uploaded …

A- Watch Time

  1. Average Watch Time   It is signal to YouTube , say this video is good
  2. Views  If this video get more views less 24 hours it mean good video

B- Meta data  its very important to make it right its is core of SEO Video

  1. Titles                       less 70 character
  2. Tags                        less 10 tags
  3. Description           more 300 character

C- Popularity of Creator  a lot of channels when uplode video get more views Because  subscribers

  • Number of Subscribers

D- Social Signals  it helps you to get more trust to YouTube and gave more traffic. How many ?

  1. Facebook  Likes, Comment, Shares
  2. Tweets, Re tweet, Like
  3. Reddit, Sub reddit
  4. StumbleUpon
  5. Google+  Shares, Comment, Like

E- Recency

  • Age of Video if u see video uploaded form 4 years not equal new video uploaded now

F- Engagement  its one of rank factor in YouTube

  1. YouTube Likes
  2. YouTube Comments
  3. Subscriptions Driven

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how to learn YouTube

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